Westenergy Oy Ab is an enabler of the circular economy within the ecosystem of waste management and energy generation.

 Westenergy is a circular economy enterprise owned by five waste management companies. It uses material that is otherwise unexploited and that cannot be recycled, and converts it into energy and new materials.

Westenergy’s operating range includes roughly 50 localities and within this range it serves the needs of some 400,000 people. Westenergy acts as a link between waste management and energy generation, making circular economy a reality between these industries. In addition, Westenergy produces recycling materials that can be exploited, for example, in the metal industry, infrastructure construction projects and new products made from concrete.

What’s more, Westenergy is defending the clean world also by reducing the environmental impacts of energy generation. It uses material that cannot be recycled to replace coal and oil in energy generation. This produces a significant positive effect on the climate, with 100,000–200,000 tonnes less of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere annually.