Circle's Edge

Circle’s Edge - The Leading Edge of the Circular Economy - is a business park that is being planned as a rental property for businesses that value sustainability and profitability.

The premises are being planned according to the tenant’s needs, and are suitable for offices, production, retail and warehousing.

The purpose of Circle’s Edge is to be a precursor in green technology for the masses. To give regular businesses the opportunity to do their part for the environment, without compromising profitability. Businesses that choose to locate their operations in Circle’s Edge get to display their proactivity.



 In order to fulfil the purpose of giving businesses the opportunity to excel in the circular economy, Circle’s Edge combines tangible measures with good communication.

The real added value for the environment is realized through the many green innovations that the properties will utilize. Among those are the waste energy heating system, a water recycling plant, and sustainable energy sourcing.

Circle’s Edge doesn’t leave the environmental innovations within the walls of the premises. Students, decision-makers and others will be able to visit an exhibition about the circular economy. They are invited by a bow of re-used windows from a demolished building, being displayed towards a road with 10.000 passing vehicles per day.

The name “Circle’s Edge” originates from the project’s geographical placement and shape. The plot for the project is located at the edge of Renergi - Circular economy hub in the Vaasa region.