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Göran Östberg, Project Manager
0500 366 097

Göran is the circular economy expert at Vaasa Region Development Company and in charge of developing the RENERGI cluster.

For Göran, the circular economy is a way of life. Together with his wife, he lives in a house built in 1831, and so renovating, recycling materials and reuse of old materials is a part of his everyday life. He believes that the solutions of the future can be found in more durable products, their reuse and finally the recycling of materials.

As well as renovation, Göran enjoys spending time at his summer cottage, hunting, fishing and taking excursions in nature.



Henna-Maija Sumuvuori, Director of Economic Development
06 327 7121
044 424 9109

Henna-Maija is the Business Development Manager of the municipality of Mustasaari. Her responsibilities include for example business advisory, relations with the industries and negotiations related to industrial plots.

The principle of circular economy is to do more with less. Its core idea is to make sustainable use of natural resources through reuse and recycling. Circular economy is both a necessity and an important business opportunity! People are starting to realize the importance of the circular economy, and the growing demand for sustainable products and services has resulted in changing operational and result models in businesses. Circulation-based business models are reflected in companies as strong customer relationships, as well as in easing of the expense structure, which is related to a decrease in raw materials.

A major part of her spare time, Henna-Maija spends outdoors with her kids and dogs. Circular economy plays a significant role in achieving global climate change goals, so that we can continue enjoying the clean, fresh air even in the future.


Mikael Alaviitala, Director of Development
06 327 7127
044 727 1210

Mikael is the Director of Development for the municipality of Korsholm. He has been involved in the Cirkulär Ekonomi Korsholm project since its inception and is an active member of the project’s steering group.

In Mikael’s opinion, the circular economy is a sustainable way to take things in the right direction for both the economy and the environment. The consumption of goods and consequently natural resources is currently alarmingly high. New and innovate solutions made possible by the circular economy will help us to find new ways to deal with consumption and the production of goods.

In his free time, Mikael enjoys spending time at his summer cottage, playing ball games and travelling.