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Hanna Malkamäki, Project Manager, sustainable development & circular economy
+358 50 5638605

Hanna is the circular economy expert at Vaasa Region Development Company and on behalf of the development company, she has the main responsibility for the development of the RENERGI cluster.

Hanna is a circular economy optimist and sees that investing in the circular economy is not only the lifeblood of companies, but also a way to ensure competitiveness and vitality in the future.

“Sustainable development is our generation's duty to posterity, and the transition to circular economy is one of the most important ways to secure a sustainable future.”

In her spare time, Hanna is engaged in trail running and cycling and invents different ways to utilise the circular economy as a consumer.


Johanna Långskog, Economic Development Coordinator
+358 44 424 0300


Matias Båsk, Business Development Manager, Municipal development 
+358 50 5181154


Mikael Alaviitala, Director of Development
+358 6 327 7127
+358 44 727 1210

Mikael is the Director of Development for the municipality of Korsholm. He has been involved in the Cirkulär Ekonomi Korsholm project since its inception and is an active member of the project’s steering group.

In Mikael’s opinion, the circular economy is a sustainable way to take things in the right direction for both the economy and the environment. The consumption of goods and consequently natural resources is currently alarmingly high. New and innovate solutions made possible by the circular economy will help us to find new ways to deal with consumption and the production of goods.

In his free time, Mikael enjoys spending time at his summer cottage, playing ball games and travelling.